Forte Films Entertainment brings you a
new horror series for all the masses
entitled "The Sin Reapers." Created by
Kevin Forte and directed by Matthew
Forte. We introduce you to Jared Scrimm
(Kevin Forte) and his lover, Pandora
Crane (Angie Hansen). Two demonic
reapers that avenge the fallen souls that
cannot rest until their killers are hunted
down and pay for their sins. In the first
episode, Scrimm and Pandora help a
family that was butchered by a group
psychos who murdered them in cold
blood. Soon they will enter a hell which will
lead to their eternal suffering.

From the twisted minds behind
"Wednesday's Children," "Anna" and
"Orlock," "The Sin Reapers" will deliver
you a world of vengeance, suffering,
blood, gore and gothic romance. Now
playing on the Official Forte Films
Entertainment YouTube Channel.  

Meet Jared Scrimm

Meet Pandora Crane

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