Born in Manchester, England, Jared Scrimm
(Kevin Forte) moved to the United States
after the loss of his father. Taken a job as a
mortician, Scrimm begin hearing voices from
the dead to help them find peace. Later on
he meets a sad  young woman name
Pandora Crane, who he falls deeply in love
as she does for him. Scrimm was then
visited by a sin reaper that can take his place
to avenge the unrested souls. Including his
father's soul.

Jared would only accept the offer if Pandora
will be by his side to help him. Pandora
agrees to become what Scrimm will be so
she can be with him for all of eternity. Jared
Scrimm will deliver horror fan madness,
destruction and pure hell to the sinner and
give their souls eternal suffering!
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