Pandora Crane (Angie Hansen), Scrimm's
eternal love and has a hunger for making
sinners suffer. As a mortal, Pandora's life was
always in a dark place. Filled with sadness
and rage. All that changed until she met Jared
Scrimm and instantly fell in love with him.
When Jared was chosen to be the next sin
reaper, he asked to make Pandora to be one
so she can be with him. But only if Pandora
agrees, which she does.

Now as a powerful immortal, Pandora will
unleash hell on all those who have done
wrong to the innocent. Once her rage is out,
there is no stopping it! And that's how Scrimm
likes it! This Vixen Of Terror will bring you all
the horror that horror hounds crave in a strong
horror heroine!
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